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what's this site about?

kanachart.com is a free kana (japanese symbols) reference site for english speakers learning japanese at the beginner level. kc the 'kana cat' offers help along the way with tips about specific japanese symbols. with kanachart.com you can learn hiragana, katakana and (some) kanji from scratch, but the site is designed more for looking up the symbols you're learning when you don't have a japanese text book handy. in fact it was the lack of a good simple online kana chart that led us to build this site.
note: kanachart.com is not intended to be a comprehensive course in japanese.

design philosophy

kananchart.com was designed to be viewed in any modern browser on any operating system, so if you find something on the site that doesn't work, let the technical staff know at webmaster@kanachart.com.

sounds and animations will be offered for each character (still being constructed) to help you remember how to pronounce and recognise them. example words utilising characters from each chart are also given so you can see the characters in use within the japanese language.

all the japanese on the site is in images, so you don't need japanese fonts or special programs to see all the japanese symbols. also the images, sounds and animations are optimised to be as fast as possible on all internet connections, as it should be for a quick reference: you can check up on characters on a whim and slow modem users can use the site too.

help out

kanachart.com offers free kana charts online. we're happy to be providing a useful service for learners of japanese, but maintaining and hosting the site is quite costly. if you want to help us to maintain and continue to improve kanachart.com then we would really appreciate your help.

purchase a kanachart pdf document, for a small fee, so that we can help cover the costs of hosting and maintaining the site. the purchase process through PayPal is easy and secure, and the charts of japanese symbols look great in your school books or on your wall.


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contact us

we've tried our best but if you have anything to suggest, or you've found an error in our japanese then let us know (in english please) at kc@kanachart.com. for all email on technical aspects of the site please email our technical staff at webmaster@kanachart.com


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