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page 2: japanese particles

q. which japanese symbols are used only as particles?

a. most of the particles used in japanese contain symbols that are also used in the formation of words, however there are a few symbols that are used only as particles or are pronounced differently, these we're noted on their charts (with links to this page) and will be explained further here.

the single symbol particle 'o' (the second 'o' on the hiragana 'a' chart) is known as an object marker, as it is used to join an action to an object's word.

another single symbol particle is 'wa', which is written like a hiragana 'ha', it is most commonly used to join a subject to a comment, similar to how 'is' is used in english, but it has many other uses.

for more help with particles please consult a comprehensive japanese language guide, there are many particles and grammatical structures that must be learnt gradually as one learns the japanese language.

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